Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Aside from your day-to-day business goals, have you ever considered learning about the benefits of managing your daily office printing, and how Managed Print Services can further help in success of your company?

What is Managed Print Service?

You might be a little unfamiliar with managed print services and the specific ways managed printing can help your business grow.

Let’s start from scratch and first define what managed print services are. Managed print services are outsourcing service that help manage your print fleets, such as laser printers, copiers and plotters.

Not having a print strategy is risky, and can cost your business a lot of money.

We can assist you in your daily printing needs with following benefits:

  • Implementing a long term print project strategy
  • Supporting device setup as per demand
  • Recommending document workflow solutions
  • Automating the delivery of printing equipment, printing supplies and parts
  • Helps you calculating the exact printing cost and toner/ink consumption
  • Assisting in maintenance and product supply, such as toners and inks
  • Replacing inefficient/unfit equipment, which helps reduce paper and supply costs
  • Training employees and providing help desk support and troubleshooting
  • Offering predictability of costs, by using print tracking and routine maintenance
  • Provisioning of resident engineer as per printing workload
  • You can have a single monthly invoice of whole organization’s printing job on per click basis or per ml ink consumption basis.

Engaging Mekkizone Technologies as your printing partner can bring the significant and valued benefits to your business.

Managed Print Services

Top 5 Benefits of Having Managed Print Services

1. Your Printing Devices:
Implementation and Strategy Managed print services focus on identifying and solving any of your current printing issues that may set your company and projects back.By designing a solid plan, an MPS program can reduce labor and optimize workflow resulting in lower costs. An MPS provider may even discover potential or current issues you’re unaware of.

2. Freeing Up Your IT Department
Let’s face it, your IT department is probably overworked and continually being pulled in different directions daily, as each department needs the assistance of an IT team.With a managed print services team, your IT department can go back to focusing on their everyday tasks, as well as becoming more available and accessible to your employees.IT departments really can’t afford to be troubleshooting printing issues or equipment breakdowns. They have more pressing projects that need to be focusing on like ERP system and network security issues.

3. Up-to-date Security
Having just one print provider implementing your managed printing reduces the number of outside users having access to your networked devices. Today, maintaining a safe and secure network for your business is one of the most important things you can invest in.Even if you think your office equipment is safe from online hackers, you might be wrong. There are always things you can do to improve the security infrastructure of your office.A print assessment can identify print and IP security risks your organization is currently facing or can face in the future. A smart MPS provider helps alleviate those risks with a tailored print security plan.

4. Cost Savings
Everyone loves ways to save money at their business, and it’s important to know how much money you could be saving by investing in a managed print services team. The goal of a managed print services company is to provide you with advanced print solutions so that your business technology and operations can perform at it’s best each day.The more a managed print services company learns about your current setup, the better strategies they can set in place to continue the success of your business and employees.

5. Accurate And Anticipated Budgeting
Besides costs savings, accurate and anticipated budgeting is another great feature of man-aged print services.In an un-managed print environment, print costs are a dim part of overall IT costs. This leads to a situation where no one is really aware of the full extent of printer-specific costs.Managed print services help to categorize print costs more efficiently, in a more organized way. The ability to track printer usage on a per-user basis makes it easy to create an accurate budget that truly reflects what your organization spends on printer resources.Partnering with a managed print services provider helps keep costs down while increasing productivity and increasing efficiency. In relation to your office printing, you’ll begin to see returns in annual profits.

Consider some of these questions:

  • Are your employees printing on a nearby printer that carries a high cost per page, instead of sending the job to a multi-function printer that has a much lower cost per page, but requires walking an extra 10 seconds?
  • Are all users printing in color whenever they want to?
  • Which departments are using the most toner or color ink? Does it seem like you’re constantly purchasing supplies?
  • When’s the last time you monitored all of the printing by staff in each department or the overall printing needs by your entire company?

These are just a few areas where you can drastically cut the costs of printing by learning which employees or departments are spending the most money.

At Mekkizone Technologies, we believe our clients should be fully aware of the associated costs of their office technology, especially when it comes to business copying, printing, document management, and workflow. If you want more visibility or think your printing costs are beginning to get out of control, contact us for free consultancy and survey of your companies printing setup. We’re here to provide you the tailor made printing solution to give you peace of mind which helps you win more business.

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